"I met Tom in January of 2007 when I was interviewing potential lawn-care companies. I liked his demeanor and his enthusiasm. And, I felt his pricing was fair. Since that time, my yard and property have never looked better.

Tom and his crew show up on time every time, rain or shine.

I have watched this young man grow his business in an economy that has been difficult at best. He has always made thoughtful decisions about who he employs, what equipment he uses.

Tom has landscaping skills, as well. He has installed several sidewalk and patio areas for me and they have all stood the test of time.

I would highly recommend Gorgeous Gardens for any yard maintenance or garden project needs that you have."

Roberta J.
"We have employed Thomas LaFreniere from Gorgeous Gardens to landscape and maintain our property for several years and have found him and his crew to be talented, trustworthy, capable and businesslike at all times.

Ours is not an easy "mow, blow & go" yard and we couldn't be more pleased with their service. As we are often out of the country for extended periods it has been especially gratifying to have someone we can count on to keep the place looking neat and have it blooming and lovely when we return.

Tom returns calls and addresses concerns quickly, which is always much appreciated."

Beth & Richard B.
"I have been a long time client of Tom. Two of many incidents stand out in my mind. One year of the terrible snow storm, (I am a retired widow and live on a very steep hill) Tom called me and asked if I needed to go to the store, or did I need anything. I thanked him and told him I had food and did not need anything.

I have a flat roof and the snow had piled up high on the roof. Later that evening I called Tom and asked if he could come over and remove the snow from my roof. He said he would be over the next day. I was not sure he could get up the hill because buses could not pull the hill, and some buses were stuck on the hill. To my delight Tom showed up the next day and spent several hours removing the snow. Now that is what I call outstanding service. Thank you Tom and team."

Delores W.
"After years of sorting thru "eager" yard maintenance people, and a few well known and visible landscape companies, I enjoy the yard I now have and can rest in the fact that I no longer have to search for the right guy. The work you perform is top, and I mean "top shelf". The look is that of "cared for" and attention to detail is why this is so. Suffice to say, I will leave our yard care in your hands for the foreseeable future."

Mark O.
"I am a new customer, but what you have done so far in the last 6 months has been consistent and excellent. Thank you for being reliable and also flexible to handle problem plants and pruning out of season or even in season.

We appreciate your reliability and promptness to maintenance or special problems that may arise."

Lucy H.
Tom LaFreniere, the owner of Gorgeous Gardens, was recommended to me by my co-worker. I desperately needed someone to take care of the yard. Our family has not time or rather not much desire for gardening. I went through a few disappointing episodes with gardening services. One of them showed up at night in a helmet with a headlight and a chain saw and basically cut a huge swath through our plants - I asked for a trim and got a trail.

Having convinced my husband that he already has a full time job, and weekends are for spending time with the family, I called Tom and he showed up with hot chocolate for my daughter and lattes for me and my husband and won my daughter's heart. This was quite a few years ago and since then our yard has looked immaculate. My kitchen window looks out at the backyard and looking out always made me feel guilty. Now, I look out the window and enjoy a wonderful view. We had so many problems - trees planted too close to the house with branches lying on top, bushes in a sad state, hedge looking like it slept on a side and never bothered to brush. Tom came in and spent quite some time figuring out what should be done, how it can be done, and gave us options. It was a relief to have an expert give us advice and a plan of action for a very reasonable price.

Since then Tom and his crew have been taking care of our yard and it always looks great. And not only the yard, Tom put in a couple of footpaths in the front and back yard and they look lovely. When Tom finished the pathway in the front yard (it's made of large slabs of rock with a purplish tint), my daughter and I liked it so much we would walk on it a couple of times a day. The next year we asked Tom to put another one in the back yard.

Our neighbors hired Tom to build a fence and that fence was finished in no time and it looks very good.

I would recommend Gorgeous Gardens wholeheartedly. Tom is personable, knowledgeable, and true to his word.

Nina V.